THE ISSUES:Reducing $pending

Reducing $pending

With the careful eye of Deputy Supervisor Anthony D’Esposito, Hempstead Town has reduced spending to control costs slashing the 2017 budget by over $13 million. These positive steps have allowed the town to provide top-notch municipal services and programs…while minimizing the financial burden on taxpayers.

Since taking office, D’Esposito has helped downsize Hempstead Town’s workforce by 7%, cut payroll costs in 2017 by almost $20 million and instituted 20% discretionary spending cuts allowing the streamline of municipal operations and enhanced efficiency through a variety of measures that will result in millions of dollars in taxpayer savings. This priority benefits residents in many ways as the town continues to provide top-notch services at the lowest possible cost.

Councilman Anthony P. D’Esposito has been committed to tackling the issue of government personnel costs head-on with an aggressive initiative that includes “rightsizing” Hempstead Town’s municipal workforce, implementing an early retirement program, slashing overtime costs, reducing the number of town employees and cutting the number of hours worked by part-time staff. By respecting taxpayer dollars and ensuring proper management of the municipal workforce, Hempstead Town saved $8 million in 2016. At the same time, an early retirement incentive program has yielded an additional $6.5 million in 2017.

Councilman Anthony D’Esposito was part of a “bright idea” to save taxpayers over $2 million in 2016 by replacing conventional streetlights with high efficiency LED (light emitting diode) fixtures. This initiative slashed town utility costs and yielded savings in 2016 of over $2 million. D’Esposito projects total net savings for the street lighting conversion over a 20-year period in the amount of $43.1 million, factoring is all town costs in implementation of the program.

By Reducing $pending, implementing cost saving initiatives and respecting you, the taxpayer – Hempstead Town has received three separate upticks in our credit rating by Wall Street agencies.