THE ISSUES:Putting People Over Politics

Putting people over politics

D’Esposito Puts Taxpayers First-
Councilman Cuts Town Spending for 3rd Consecutive Year,
Reduces Cost of Government

Uniquely focused on being a strong advocate for taxpayers, Hempstead Town Councilman Anthony D’Esposito is committed to responsible and transparent budgeting. In fact, D’Esposito and the Town Board recently adopted a 2018 budget that cuts town spending for the third consecutive year. At the same time, the township’s budget maintains municipal services and programs in full force. In short, the Councilman has reduced the cost of town government by reducing the workforce, controlling overtime costs and implementing a host of municipal cost efficiencies.

“Residents of our town work hard and carefully budget their finances to make ends meet,” said D’Esposito. “Our homeowners deserve government officials who share their dedication to sound and sensible budgeting. That’s why I’ve worked tirelessly to reduce Hempstead Town’s operational budget, striving to ensure our government continues to do ‘more with less’.”

Immediately upon taking office, the Councilman took steps to remediate a 2016 budget that was adopted prior to his election. By dramatically slashing overtime costs, trimming the size of the workforce and cutting discretionary spending, D’Esposito helped transform a budgeted $23.5 million deficit into a $5 million surplus. Continuing his taxpayer-friendly approach to municipal finance, the Councilman’s first term in office was distinguished by a 2017 operational budget that cut spending by $14 million compared to the 2016 financial document. And, the 2018 operational budget axes spending by $3.7 million in comparison to the 2017 spending plan.

“Government must live within a strict budget if it is to serve the taxpayers in a responsible manner,” said the Councilman. “We’ve been aggressive in Hempstead Town, reducing the cost of operations, streamlining work processes and being accountable to taxpayers.”

Two key elements that are integral to reducing the cost of government are “rightsizing” the municipal workforce and controlling overtime costs. In fact, the 2018 budget accommodates 1,898 full time staffers, an 80-person reduction from the employee count of 2015. This 4 percent cut in the number of full time workers has been accompanied by an impressive reduction in overtime costs. Indeed, actual overtime costs have been reduced from $5.5 million in 2015 to $3million in 2017. This substantial 46 percent reduction demonstrates that government can reduce its workforce while controlling overtime costs at the same time.

Councilman D’Esposito believes that government leaders need to be innovative in reducing government costs, which are borne by taxpayers. Recently, D’Esposito helped engineer the consolidation of the town’s automotive service facilities from 16 locations to 2 garages. The 88 percent reduction promises savings of $1 million annually. Another unique approach to cost reduction has witnessed the town’s purchase of “like new” trucks and equipment at a fraction of the cost of showroom new trucks. This program offers savings amounting to $1.3 million per year.

“I am committed to doing ‘more with less’ in an all-out effort to reduce the tax burden on our residents,” concluded D’Esposito. “Cutting spending in the town’s operational budget for 3 consecutive years demonstrates that we are putting people ahead of politics. Implementing innovative initiatives to slash the cost of government is my commitment to taxpayers.