THE ISSUES:Accountable to Taxpayers

Accountable to Taxpayers

Councilman Anthony D’Esposito is accountable and responsive to taxpayers, delivering important services to neighbors at the lowest possible cost. In Fact, many of Anthony’s key programs are being implemented at no direct cost to taxpayer, thanks to the Councilman’s aggressive pursuit of state and federal grants to fund projects.

Anthony was part of instituting building permit amnesty, waiving penalties for homeowners seeking permits that have been made without required town inspections and approvals.

Councilman D’Esposito is saving taxpayer money and keeping our roads safe and clean during the winter by purchasing “gently used” snow clearing trucks for a fraction of the cost of new vehicles, already saving you, the taxpayer, $1.3 million.

The Town is helping those in search of career opportunities and training at it’s HempsteadWorks Career Center, thanks to a new $85,000 grant secured with the help of Councilman D’Esposito’s efforts.

Anthony is helping our environment for our children and future generations, drawing on a $150,000 Clean Energy Town Grant that will be used to expand Hempstead’s solar energy infrastructure.

Our beaches are in pristine condition and homeowners’ properties are safer as a result of a federal coastal storm protection program that Anthony D’Esposito has championed. Negotiating with federal officials, the town was able to deliver on the restoration of our beachfront while persuading federal officials to pay the entire $230 million price tag, including a $23 million share that was originally slated to be funded by the township.

Anthony D’Esposito is accountable to taxpayers while being responsive to the needs of local residents.